Mt. Borah

To describe this peak... It is of course Idaho's top spot, and hundreds of climbers summit each year.  And yes all of those climbers are bathed in spectacular views of multiple Idaho mountains including the Lost River, White Cloud, Pioneer and Sawtooth mountain ranges.  To the less... hmmm... adventurous climber (is there such a thing), Chicken Out Ridge isn't the most enjoyable part of the experience, yet I'd bet it is their most memorable part of it.  And nobody that climbs it will have a hard time telling the story without giving a short epitaph, or at least an apology to their toes for the obscenely steep downhill.  But on a clear day, with the right group of climbing buddies... it's pretty tough to find a more rewarding and enjoyable mountain experience.


Don't miss the thumbnail moon just above the ridge.

Mountain Facts

Previous Name


Elevation (feet)


Elevation (meters)



 Lost River Range, Idaho


 N 448'14"


 W 11346'46"

Best Climbing Months


Year First Climbed


First Climber(s)

 Tim Bannon

Volcanic Status


Most Recent Eruption



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Trip Report


Atmpt 1 2
Date ?-?-1994 24-July-2004
Route Southwest Ridge Southwest Ridge
Party Solo