Borah July 24, 2004


How do you get fourteen people to work all day, drive all afternoon, get to bed at 11:30, get back up three hours later and climb the highest peak in Idaho?  Just ask.  There's a nut born every minute.

It doesn't hurt to promise aerial photos at 9:00 either.  What a bunch of hams!  Great idea Lester!

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Me, *Joe, Shaun, *Stefan, Pete, *Tristan, *Kenny, *Jason, Scott

Jim, *Charlie, *Carolyn, Alaska Jen, *Lester


*Set personal elevation record!

You'd never believe the thunder and light show we watched just twelve hours earlier.

Stefan & Carolyn starting up Chicken out Ridge, trying to convince themselves

that it really does look worse than it is.

Charlie's high point, a personal record!  Not bad for a flatlander. 

Joe & AK Jen making their way along Chicken Out Ridge.  Lester watching from above

wondering who the heck elected him leader of this out fit!

Joe's perma-grin lasted clean up until it was time to go back down this junk.

Meanwhile, the Tristans take a moment at the top of the ridge for a little lovey-dovey

for the camera,

but in reality, they're just having trouble standing up.

Jen & Joe are only a few minutes behind...  minus the lovey-dovey.

 If Jen tells me one more time that

"We're almost there" she's gunna need a lot

more than one puny ace bandage to keep her body parts connected.

Now the easy part.  Connecting the saddles.

As Joe makes his way down the notch to the "snow bridge" he can't help but wonder...

Why the heck is he taking advice from a girl who sends him down first to check it out.

9:00 sharp!  Wayne zooms by at 100 miles per hour.

Most of us made it on time... can you tell who?

After spending a good twenty minutes buzzing the summit,

he heads off to Stanley for some breakfast.

Hmmm.... breakfast!

Couldn't ask for a better morning though.

Yeah, and could you pop my blisters too?  Thanks.

One last group shot before heading down.

Oh, and thanks Jim for the Photo favors...

The Chicken Ridge Sneak... much easier than the ridge top.

At least I thought so.

Bye bye Borah... this climb could not have been better!