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Jason McLees

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Fisher Chimneys 

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Climb Description

We drove there in the clouds, we hiked in the clouds, we climbed in the clouds and we got lost in the clouds.  It was too nasty to take photos, or maybe I just lost them I'm not sure.  Either way, it's probably just as well we forget this one anyway. 

We made our way up the Fisher Chimney route again only this time the visibility was nil and even though we'd seen the route before, it wasn't any easier to find.   Despite slippery rocks and even slipperier wet moss,  we managed to make it to the top of the chimneys.  We rounded the corner and expected to find Whinney's slide as before, but it was gone!  Who took Whinney's Slide?  We set a bearing and headed off in the direction that we thought would take us to the base of the glacier.  Instead, we found an unexpected rock wall.  We followed the wall up and to the right.  Blinded by the thick cloud we were hiking by feel.  The rock wall suddenly dropped off... okay, that's not the best description.  What I mean is, the wall ended suddenly.  I coiled the rope that separated us so we could consult about where we might be and what to do next.  It just didn't make sense...  This wasn't anything like what I remembered.  We thought about following the slope down over the edge that use to be the wall, and decided to test it's depth first.  Picking up rocks and heaving them over the edge quickly decided that one for us.  I'm not sure how far down this cliff went, but the rocks just disappeared without even a whisper that told of it's height.

We turned and followed our tracks back to the Chimneys and headed for home.