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The Sprinkles of Life

Life is sprinkled with laughs and woes

A wink of an eye and away it goes,

Grab onto the hugs and marvelous smiles

Little kids giggles, just let go of your trials

Itís clearly more fun to enjoy every minute

Than looking ahead to the next boring ailment

When the nights are long and the lids wonít close

Conjure up sweet memories, and youíll surly dose

Linda LaRae Adsitt

copyright Oct, 2006


Humorbganirose.gif (3002 bytes) To Be or

Not to Be

Reincarnation The Cold My Heart
Opinionated Pup That Driver License Place Baseball is Bats Santa and Me


Has this Nation gone to Pot Mouth Baseball Through the Years
Brains and Grunt Amazing Jack Bear Hunting Caboose
Puppy Fish Fry sailing My Line
Bath Time  


Bears and Such 1asi008.gif (3897 bytes)Music Rhyming by the Numbers
Po-et-tree Story of a Tail Adventures at Roberta Lake Mouse in the House bganirose.gif (3002 bytes)
Mom's Advice A Whole New Story A Poem A1asi008.gif (3897 bytes) day in the sun
A Day In the Sun



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A Woman's Song




Front to Back Material Witness






Inspirational Poemsbganirose.gif (3002 bytes)

The Lord and I1asi008.gif (3897 bytes)


1asi008.gif (3897 bytes)Bravery unfurled The Storm Good and Bad Glancing through my Window
Child's Story(eveningstar) Wow Forever and Today Rainbow 1asi008.gif (3897 bytes)Young Dreams
Tense Smile My Angel Just a Little Prayer
Talents Prayer
poems by: Children  

Jessica's Poem for Grandma

By Jessica


I Love Spring Because

by Amanda (7years old)

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As the sun goes down

by Tyler







The Little Glass Bottle


Familybganirose.gif (3002 bytes) Jessica Matt Travis DeAndra




Mike Mark Tyler


Amanda A gift of Words for Mark and Martha 1asi008.gif (3897 bytes)Mother Common Sense by Joel Watkins  




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