Desert Divers of Idaho Scuba Club

Scuba Poker Run Jun 5th, 2004

Tim, (bottom right) spearheaded the effort to organize and setup this year's scuba poker run.  And it really turned out to be a lot of fun!  Thank you Tim and everyone who donated prizes and helped set up!  I think there were a few people missing from this shot, but this is most of 'em. 

We had planned on meeting at Arrow Rock reservoir for this little adventure, but they had let so much water through the dam, the levels were too low for a good dive experience, so a few days beforehand, the planned site was moved to the Bob Rice pond right here in Boise.  Tim, Jon and Ray went to the pond earlier in the day to set up the course. 



We started out on the steps and took a compass bearing to the first float.  At the tie off for that float we would find a small sack with laminated color-coded playing cards (who's face value was hidden from sight).  We also found a smallish slate with the compass bearing to the next float/bag-o-cards.  This continued for four stations, the last one pointing you back to the steps.  If you look closely, you can make out all four floats behind Travis.

This was our (Travis' and mine) first time in Bob Rice pond and we weren't sure how much we wanted to submerge.  We'd heard a lot of horor stories about the pond and expected it to be a lot colder than it was.  It turned out to be much better than we had expected.  Sure, the vis was bad, and it did get much colder below 20 feet, but hey, we were diving weren't we?

It must not have been that bad after all.  As soon as we'd finished the course, the kids (and dogs) wasted no time getting back in for a surface swim.

First prize went to Mimi and Earl for a pair of sevens.

Second prize went to Travis and I with a pair of fives.  For you photographers out there I apologize... I took a little artistic license with this shot and digitally put on Travis' wet suit top.  Thought I'd save a lot of viewer grief with the modification.

Third prize went to Harvey & Dean for a pair of fours Ace high.

Eric & Cheryl received a prize for a the low pair of fours

Arnie & Dewey got an award for the lowest hand.